If you love yoga, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time in your yoga room. You might have even decorated your space to make it feel more like home. There are lots of great yoga room décor ideas out there, but I’ve collected the best of the best in my list of the 10 best yoga room décor ideas. Enjoy!

Yoga mat room

A yoga room needs a big mat, some yoga clothes, and some yoga gear for the kids. You might need to buy more mats and yoga clothes to stock this space, though. Check out their school supplies for teachers to get some ideas.

Yoga paint

You can decorate a yoga room with a unique texture paint that looks like marble or stone. You can go with just paint, or buy actual stones for the walls.

Wooden Yoga Mat

If you want to keep it simple, you can decorate your yoga room with an adorable wooden yoga mat. You can get this same mat at Ikea.

Skipping wall

For your favorite little ones, you can create a great jumping-off point for their creativity with a skipping wall.

Yoga cover

Create a whimsical yoga room by using some funny yoga covers.

Incorporate your favorite colors into your space

A chalkboard yoga mat holder is a great way to add some color to a plain wall or to create a nice conversation piece for your space.

Add a projector to your yoga room

A portable Epson projector can be used in many different ways in your yoga room. The projector can be used to watch TV, films, listen to music, and you can use it to create presentations for your students.

Make your space inviting with yoga décor accessories

Nothing makes a yoga room feel more inviting than yoga room décor accessories. You’ll want to stock up on these.

Create a yoga loft

Create an attractive space to practice yoga by climbing into your yoga loft.

Hang yoga gear

Hang your yoga gear like leggings, towels, blankets, etc. in a way that encourages you to take yoga time for yourself and doesn’t get in the way of your practice.

Use colorful yoga mats

Have you seen those mats with lots of color and prints? Well, they are the perfect yoga mat to use in your yoga room.

Get an old door

I love the old door you can get from your local antique store, and they make an excellent addition to your yoga room.

DIY towel bars

To make a simple and inexpensive improvement to your yoga room, you can turn old towel bars into towel bars with nice vinyl.

Make your own yoga mat hooks

These yoga mat hooks are the perfect way to hang your yoga mats when you’re not using them.

Create a calming environment

There’s nothing like putting on a pair of meditation or breathing beads to help create a calming environment in your yoga room. Find a soft blanket, sit in the dark, and let your mind wander.

Consider pastel colors

Pastel colors are calming and give a calming effect. They’re also perfect to create a spa-like feel. For example, this pastel yoga room is a great way to get in touch with your inner child.

Take cues from nature

Nature inspires a lot of designs and is always a great source of inspiration. If you want to add a touch of nature to your yoga room, incorporate plants or have an indoor plant. This foliage-themed yoga room design is also unique and allows you to channel your inner hippie.

Create a focal point with yoga wall art

I’m a huge fan of printable art and I’m constantly thinking about adding more to my studio space. The most important thing I look for is a good price and minimalism. With these two things, I can find a lot of great pieces at Urban Outfitters, and a large selection at your local art or craft store.

Of course, I’m also a big fan of wall art that doubles as art in its own right. These prints from Etsy seller The Artful Homemaker are a great example.

Put up some wall art for a functional finishing touch

I have another recommendation for wall art that isn’t so much art as it is functional. These 13 mini wall art prints from All Around the Office are just what you need to add some added interest to your workspace.

Add some plants

Adding a few plants to your yoga room could be the perfect addition to make it feel like a relaxing, calming room for yourself. If you have a dog or a cat, consider adding some of those soothing scents like lavender, chamomile or eucalyptus.

Some of my favorite plant designs include succulents, aloe vera and oasis plants. If you want something a little bigger, consider an African or bird of paradise. All of these plants have a nice scent and the nice colors and patterns help brighten up a yoga room.

Add lots of mirrors

Mirrors can add a little more light to a room and they make it easier to practice your poses in the dark. They can also help you to judge your progress and correct your alignment.

Get your hands on yoga props

If you enjoy doing yoga and having some props to use while doing so, you definitely want them in your yoga room. Yoga is awesome, but sometimes you just need to stretch a bit further. With yoga props, you can do this. Yoga props might help you get the most out of your practice. You can take a simple mat and put on an extra layer of padding. You can get an extra towel to have for wiping your sweat off when you’re done. A block can be a great addition to your yoga practice. I love the block holder that’s available at Imans. This is an awesome way to put together your own workout from around your home. You can get an extra block holder to have one on hand for whenever you need it.

Another thing I love about yoga props is that you can take all of them out and use them wherever you need them.

Use the right lighting

I’m a big fan of over-the-shoulder lamps for the yoga room. They’re so easy to move around, use, and install in just a few minutes. They are also quite inexpensive, so you can easily go for a single or couple to choose from.

It’s also great to use light colors for yoga rooms, as they will reflect the mood on your skin and help you relax. White is the best color, as it’s the purest, purest, and most natural, and really makes you feel more focused.

I also recommend putting in some kind of ceiling fan, which can really help keep the yoga room cool, even on hot summer days.

Match the walls to your home’s décor.

I love how the walls are the perfect blend of bright and subdued colors here. The wall is painted cream and is accented with small blue horizontal stripes.

Get rid of distractions

Sitting still with your eyes closed and listening to your breath is a great meditation technique. Too bad, you can’t do that in the yoga room. I recommend that you remove any of the distractions in your yoga room. If your yoga room is in a cluttered space, that’s just adding to the distractions. Maybe your yoga room has a TV? Then unplug it and leave it in the kitchen so you can concentrate. Yoga is a good way to meditate and clear your head.

Final Conclusion

These are just the best of the best yoga room décor ideas. You can find tons of yoga room décor ideas on Pinterest, you just need to search the right keywords. You’ll be able to find some great DIY projects, yoga room inspirations, and the latest trends in yoga room décor.

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